1. Divorcing Days

From the recording Divorcing Days

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Time's been long forgotten
since mom and dad walked together in the park
romantic as they were
in the darkness
Dad asked mom will you
mom told dad I do
till death do us part

A few years down the road
a family was growing
in the home
of silent bitter fears
I remember fighting
and throwing of the words
that drove my mother
to her tears

Never figured out
what it was about
when my parents
went their separate ways
tore me all apart
I couldn't even start
to remember
those divorcing days

Got myself a wife now
my boy's growing faster
than a flower
in the morning sun
I'm happy as can be
never wanna see
anything change
what we've begun


Never figured out
what it was about when my
lady said she had to leave
tore my son apart
nearly broke my heart
when he looked at me
and started to cry


Something's gotta change
have to rearrange
what's it gonna take
to keep this family one
people think it's easier to go their separate ways
but it's always hardest
on the little ones
remembering those
Divorcing Days.